Book 4: Obligations & Contracts



Art. 2132. By the contract of antichresis the creditor acquires the right to receive the fruits of an immovable of his debtor, with the obligation to apply them to the payment of the interest, if owing, and thereafter to the principal of his credit. (1881)

Art. 2133. The actual market value of the fruits at the time of the application thereof to the interest and principal shall be the measure of such application. (n)

Art. 2134. The amount of the principal and of the interest shall be specified in writing; otherwise, the contract of antichresis shall be void. (n)

Art. 2135. The creditor, unless there is a stipulation to the contrary, is obliged to pay the taxes and charges upon the estate.

He is also bound to bear the expenses necessary for its preservation and repair.

The sums spent for the purposes stated in this article shall be deducted from the fruits. (1882)

Art. 2136. The debtor cannot reacquire the enjoyment of the immovable without first having totally paid what he owes the creditor.

But the latter, in order to exempt himself from the obligations imposed upon him by the preceding article, may always compel the debtor to enter again upon the enjoyment of the property, except when there is a stipulation to the contrary. (1883)

Art. 2137. The creditor does not acquire the ownership of the real estate for non-payment of the debt within the period agreed upon.

Every stipulation to the contrary shall be void. But the creditor may petition the court for the payment of the debt or the sale of the real property. In this case, the Rules of Court on the foreclosure of mortgages shall apply. (1884a)

Art. 2138. The contracting parties may stipulate that the interest upon the debt be compensated with the fruits of the property which is the object of the antichresis, provided that if the value of the fruits should exceed the amount of interest allowed by the laws against usury, the excess shall be applied to the principal. (1885a)

Art. 2139. The last paragraph of Article 2085, and Articles 2089 to 2091 are applicable to this contract. (1886a)


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