Book 1:



Art. 126. Donations by reasons of marriage are those which are made before its celebration, in consideration of the same and in favor of one or both of the future spouses. (1327)

Art. 127. These donations are governed by the rules on ordinary donations established in Title III of Book III, except as to their form which shall be regulated by the Statute of Frauds; and insofar as they are not modified by the following articles. (1328a)

Art. 128. Minors may make and receive donations in their ante-nuptial contract, provided they are authorized by the persons who are to give their consent to the marriage of said minors. (1329a)

Art. 129. Express acceptance is not necessary for the validity of these donations. (1330)

Art. 130. The future spouses may give each other in their marriage settlements as much as one-fifth of their present property, and with respect to their future property, only in the event of death, to the extent laid down by the provisions of this Code referring to testamentary succession. (1331a)

Art. 131. The donor by reason of marriage shall release the property donated from mortgages and all other encumbrances upon the same, with the exception of easements, unless in the marriage settlements or in the contracts the contrary has been stipulated. (1332a)

Art. 132. A donation by reason of marriage is not revocable, save in the following cases:

(1) If it is conditional and the condition is not complied with;

(2) If the marriage is not celebrated;

(3) When the marriage takes place without the consent of the parents or guardian, as required by law;

(4) When the marriage is annulled, and the donee acted in bad faith;

(5) Upon legal separation, the donee being the guilty spouse;

(6) When the donee has committed an act of ingratitude as specified by the provisions of this Code on donations in general. (1333a)

Art. 133. Every donation between the spouses during the marriage shall be void. This prohibition does not apply when the donation takes effect after the death of the donor.

Neither does this prohibition apply to moderate gifts which the spouses may give each other on the occasion of any family rejoicing. (1334a)

Art. 134. Donations during the marriage by one of the spouses to the children whom the other spouse had by another marriage, or to persons of whom the other spouse is a presumptive heir at the time of the donation are voidable, at the instance of the donor’s heirs after his death. (1335a)


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